Decorating Ideas With Room Dividers

Although many enjoy open space, there are occasions when we may want to create separate areas on a temporary basis, or for a different look. Room dividers are available in a variety of styles, function, and prices depending on their purpose. The types of room dividers available will fit in with any decor as an accent piece or as a functional piece while creating a division in a large open space such as found with a bookcase. Today, the various styles of room dividers are decorative, and inexpensive depending on individual needs and tastes.

Venetian room dividers are much like venetian blinds. The classic type is usually constructed from wood with movable slats which allow light to come through. Today, there are other styles of venetian room dividers which continue to allow the light to come through without the louvered style. The venetian styles are usually free standing with 2 - 6 panels. There are those with arched tops creating a decorative look. The woods vary from the light natural woods to darker woods such as cherry. These who are more environmentally conscious can find an assortment of plain or decorative bamboo venetian room dividers through home improvement centers such as Home Depot.

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There are ways to create a private space which are functional and attractive. A free standing bookcase is one great idea since it can be used for storage of books, documents, or decorative items. An open bookcase will allow lighting to pass through. Open units such as those made by Expedit, found at Ikea, can be purchases in separate units making it easy to purchase the exact size that the customer needs. There are many contemporary style bookcases found at Target, Broyhill, and others which range from wood construction, to a combination of glass and metals.

Many families are spending more time outdoors. Those who live in condos and apartments, who may have a patio or balcony which serves as their space to relax find it difficult to have privacy. Tree sculptures which are not only suitable for indoors, but outdoors as well. Those who enjoy plants, can easily find hanging or free standing units which will hold potted plants. There are multiple uses for room dividers, whether for indoors or outdoors which can be found easily online regardless of your taste and budget allowance.

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